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Equal Care in Europe
Friederike Sprang
Across Europe, women* continue to perform more unpaid care work than men*. As a result, they have less time for paid work, which means that they earn less and receive lower pension benefits. A gender-equal division of unpaid care work is therefore a lever for greater gender equality.

The Observatory team has been working on the topic of Equal Care in Europe for many years and published a comprehensive Dossier in 2023. The focus lies on the European Union's Work-life Balance Directive and how it supports a gender-equal division of care work.

Irena Moozova from the European Commission starts the Dossier with a foreword. Contributions by Attila Böhm from COFACE Families Europe and Caroline de la Porte from the Copenhagen Business School provide civil society and scientific perspectives. Furthermore, the Dossier provides an insight into the national implementation of the Directive in Denmark, Finland and Portugal.
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